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                              Ultrasonic welding capacity of hot plastic
                              Date: 2013-04-26
                              Material Welding
                              Riveting Mounting Spot welding
                              ABS E G E E E
                              ABS-polyolefin E-G G G E-G E
                              Acrylic acid G G-F F G E
                              Acrylic acid copolymer G F G G G
                              Butadiene-styrene eoplymer G F G G G
                              CA、CAB、CAP F-P P G E F-P
                              Polyamide G F
                              polyolefin G G G-F G G
                              Polystyrene E E F G-E E
                              Modified rubber G G-F E E E
                              Polysulfone G F G-F G F
                              PVC F-P P G E G-F
                              Styrene-acrylonitrile copolymer E E F G G-F
                              Paraformaldehyde G F G-F G F
                              Fluoro copolymer P
                              Nylon G F G-F G F
                              Hot plastic G F F G P
                              High density polyethyene F-P P G-F G G
                              Poly(Paraformaldehyde-1) F F-P G-F G G
                              polyphenyl sulphur and ether G F P G E
                              polyethylene F P E G E

                              1. E=excellent, G=good, P=poor
                              2. From weldd surface to weld moulding is 6.4mm, inside of 6.4mm is near weld, exceed 6.4mm is far weld.
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